Green Jobs Definition and Background

OK, so maybe the title is a little misleading. It’s difficult to define a term like “Green jobs” that only became widely acknowledged (in the United States) a day ago. There is already a Wikipedia entry with a decent amount of content, but the fact it shows up third on Google natural search results for a “Green jobs definition” query should provide an indication on its relative search popularity. The Google External Keyword Tool shows 201K Broad Match searches for “Green jobs” in December 2008.


Not too much search activity. Considering Google has been able to determine flu trends in the US using their search data, this shows we are still in the infancy stages of mainstream awareness. A poll conducted by the NY Times in 2007 showed 52% of respondents were willing to make extraordinary efforts to help the environment (or at least hurt it less) at a personal expense. I read that in the print edition. I’ll try to find it online and post an update. I know for a fact two things have changed since then.

  1. The state of the economy has certainly decreased that 52%
  2. The NY Times print edition will not be around for much longer

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