Shame on Me!

I have been meaning to set up my own blog for several years now. I run my own server, am proficient with PHP/MySQL, and earn a living using my knowledge of Internet marketing (limited as it is, I still bring value to the table for my employer somehow).

Coincidentally, a conversation with a co-worker was the stimulus I needed to finally get off my rear and share my ridiculous opinions to all who find my blog and waste precious minutes of their lives perusing my soapbox rants. Selfishly, I am starting this blog for two reasons: 1) To stay sharp in all the skills/experiences I have been fortunate enough to acquire at this point in my life – Coding, Management of Information Systems, Offline/Online Marketing, eCRM, Drip Marketing, Data Warehousing, and People Skills.

Speaking of People Skills, here are links to a clip from one of my Top 3 favorite movies of all time followed by a parody done by the fabulous writers at Family Guy.

Original Office Space Clip

Family Guy Spoof

Please watch the videos in order so you are able to appreciate what the folks responsible for producing Family Guy really did to recreate the original scene. While we’re on the subject of how great they are, the spoof on the ending scene of the original TV series Incredible Hulk is amazing. Brings back great memories of my childhood.

Right, so I might have ADD… In case you do as well, my second impetus is to see what I can do in the search engine optimization space. OK you got me – I spelled SEO out for a reason. The title of this post is terrible, but it’s my initial attempt to determine the natural ranking factors for blogs. See, I told you my motivations are selfish :)

Enough of my rambling, but caveat emptor. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves subscribing to this RSS Feed. This message will not self destruct unless a noindex is inserted.

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