2009 British Open TV Schedule

Here’s a quick reference guide on television coverage of The British Open. Keep in mind the 5+ hour time difference will prevent live coverage of rounds from top players such as Tiger Woods who tees off his opening round at 4:09am EST, Thursday, July 16.

  • Weather permitting, 4 rounds of golf from July 16-19, 2009
  • Turnberry Ailsa Course, South Ayrshire, Scotland

Thursday, July 16:

7am-7pm EST on TNT

Friday, July 17:

7am-7pm EST on TNT

Saturday, July 18:

7am-9am EST on TNT

9am-2:30pm EST on ABC

Sunday, July 19:

6am-8am EST on TNT

8am-1:30pm EST on ABC

Apologies my first post in a very long time is regarding an eclectic, non-search marketing topic. Thanks again to my loyal readers :)

One thought on “2009 British Open TV Schedule

  1. Ian Leong Post author

    OK so Tiger is out. However, Tom Watson from my hometown of Kansas City has a one stroke lead after 54 holes. Go Tommy!

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