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Please Excuse Any Typographical Errors

You know what really grinds my gears? Virtual keyboards FTL! Since when have typos become acceptable in professional communiques? This isn’t just a knock against iOS devices – the same can be said for more Android devices. I don’t enjoy carrying around a Blackberry in lieu of the coolest new smartphone, but the BB allows me to compose emails without auto-correct telling me what I want to type (and the suggestions are almost always wrong). Along with character restrictions imposed on Twitter and text messages, this is the beginning of the end of proper grammar.

Thx 4 reading c u soon!

2009 British Open TV Schedule

Here’s a quick reference guide on television coverage of The British Open. Keep in mind the 5+ hour time difference will prevent live coverage of rounds from top players such as Tiger Woods who tees off his opening round at 4:09am EST, Thursday, July 16.

  • Weather permitting, 4 rounds of golf from July 16-19, 2009
  • Turnberry Ailsa Course, South Ayrshire, Scotland

Thursday, July 16:

7am-7pm EST on TNT

Friday, July 17:

7am-7pm EST on TNT

Saturday, July 18:

7am-9am EST on TNT

9am-2:30pm EST on ABC

Sunday, July 19:

6am-8am EST on TNT

8am-1:30pm EST on ABC

Apologies my first post in a very long time is regarding an eclectic, non-search marketing topic. Thanks again to my loyal readers :)

Green Jobs Definition and Background

OK, so maybe the title is a little misleading. It’s difficult to define a term like “Green jobs” that only became widely acknowledged (in the United States) a day ago. There is already a Wikipedia entry with a decent amount of content, but the fact it shows up third on Google natural search results for a “Green jobs definition” query should provide an indication on its relative search popularity. The Google External Keyword Tool shows 201K Broad Match searches for “Green jobs” in December 2008.


Not too much search activity. Considering Google has been able to determine flu trends in the US using their search data, this shows we are still in the infancy stages of mainstream awareness. A poll conducted by the NY Times in 2007 showed 52% of respondents were willing to make extraordinary efforts to help the environment (or at least hurt it less) at a personal expense. I read that in the print edition. I’ll try to find it online and post an update. I know for a fact two things have changed since then.

  1. The state of the economy has certainly decreased that 52%
  2. The NY Times print edition will not be around for much longer

Work/Life Balance – Reality or Unicorn?

Exactly a year after I left my previous company to join my current one, I met up with my old boss for happy hour tonight. If not for him, I would certainly not be where I am today from a career standpoint. Giving him my two weeks notice (which was actually three because I bypassed the week in between jobs to make sure the transition went smoothly) was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.

I had been there for three years and despite my allegiance to him, I knew it was time to move on to new challenges. It wouldn’t have been fair to the company, my beloved boss, or myself to stay there. I was burned out and simply couldn’t produce at the level I had sustained for the first 36 months of my tenure.

It turned out that the person to whom I would be reporting at the new job was a co-worker of my old boss and several other key players on his team. <!– Cliche Warning –> Small world!

This is certainly not an indictment against my former employer, but I am very grateful for where I am today professionally. Devoting one’s life to work can only last so long. It’s simply not sustainable. <!– Cliche Warning 2 –> Slow and steady wins the race. All work and no play makes Jack physically ill. Trust me on this one.

I used to say, “I’m still young and need to focus on my job while I am able.” At 32 years of age and rebounding from a 12+ year relationship that undoubtedly was undermined by my commitment to work, I am finally starting to realize there is more to life than to reaching the highest tax bracket. Besides, if I get there within the next 4 years, I will be hit with a luxury(federal income) tax of 40+%. Steinbrenner family: I feel your pain!

God Yelps Those Who Yelp Themselves

OK, so via an industry email I received today, there are now at least five lawsuits in the state of California alone against people who posted negative reviews about service providers from whom they received sub-par service. The fact these complaints were not dismissed immediately really irks me. Freedom of speech should apply to Internet content – specifically to user reviews.

Filtering of negative opinions renders online reviews useless. If I wanted to see the idealistic perspective of a service provider, product, or website I would simply peruse their marketing collateral. To the plaintiffs in these lawsuits: If you are so concerned with libel and defamation resultant from these negative reviews, why don’t you ask some of your satisfied customers and clients to post retorts on the same sites in response to the allegations of deficient delivery of value? Review sites are generally open forums where each side has an opportunity to defend his or her point of view. If you are unable to settle a dispute amicably then maybe you should take a step back and review your value proposition. In tough economic times, people try to maximize their dollars spent. Take care of your clients/customers and they will take care of you!

My finishing argument: Ultimately, regional judicial systems should not be setting precedents regarding user reviews on the WORLD WIDE Web. Ten years subsequent to the mainstream adoption of the Internet, we still do not have de facto standards by which to model our online behavior.

California Anti-SLAPP Project: