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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I finally created an account on Twitter last Friday. I figured it was the right time since I recently entered myself into the blogosphere. My assumption was there are already many plugins for WordPress to integrate with Twitter. Seems like a match made in Heaven to me. Programmatic real-time Tweets generated for new blog posts. Programmatic real-time widget on my WordPress page for new Tweets. Content begetting content – a UGC dream.

My assumption was correct. There is an ample supply of well-executed plugins, widgets, and code snippets to elevate the symbiotic relationship between WordPress and Twitter. I’m going to try Twitter Tools developed by Alex King because it was the first organic result in my Google query for “wordpress twitter.” It is force of habit. I completely disregard paid search results for some queries such as this one, but focus exclusively on paid search results for other queries (for example, when I am searching for the best price on a specific model of a mainstream consumer electronics good). I digress, but search engine user behavior is fascinating to me and is worthy of a dedicated post.

Within hours of creating my Twitter account I was following nine other accounts and had three people following mine. Don’t know if there has ever been another form of self-expression that is able to generate unsolicited interest from total strangers. I have to admit I am currently addicted and have logged in to my Twitter account regularly (including from both my Treo and Blackberry) since its creation. However, I was addicted to the Nintendo Wii when I first purchased it. It now has a quarter inch layer of dust on it as well as its controllers.